Blog number four in our “In Conversation With” series. This time we feature Manchester hip-hop artist Britizen Kane, who’s reputation as one of the leading lyricists coming out of the North West is growing at an impressive rate.

For this one we leave the words to BK, who starts at the beginning & takes us right up to the present day, discussing Manchester’s growing hip-hop/grime scene, his recent work & his Manchester hot spots. Show your love & support for one of Manchester’s finest.

How did you get into music? What’s your story?

“Back in the early to mid-00’s I started hearing London & Manchester hip-hop/grime for the first time & I started thinking ‘perhaps I could do that too’. I started writing little raps & just experimenting with sounds, styles etc. throughout my college years & then after a few years of just trying to find my sound, I started releasing under the name Britizen Kane & taking the whole music thing seriously.”

Who are your biggest influences in music?

“When I was younger, I was hugely influenced by artists like Sway, Kano, The Streets, N-Dubz etc. as they were what I came up hearing on Channel U or being blue-toothed around the school. Nowadays my biggest influences are the people & artists around me & the thriving Manchester music scene we’ve got going on right now with the likes of Aitch, Just Banco, Children Of Zeus & others.”

How’s lockdown been for you & what have you been getting up to?

“Lockdown was testing at first I can’t lie, but it’s given me so much space & time to create music that I’ve really enjoyed it in the end. Myself & Turkish created my debut album remotely throughout lockdown.”

What are you working on right now?

“Me & Scottish artist Shogun have our collaborative EP ‘ShoKane’ dropping in the next month or so. The whole EP is produced by Turkish Dcypha & the first couple singles have been out a while now, performed well on radio/Spotify etc. so I’m really excited to get that project out there now.”

Describe the scene in the North West right now?

“I think the music scene in the North West is really blossoming right now, there’s just so many high-quality artists across the board in hip-hop, grime, R&B, drill, DNB, whatever it may be. Then to add to that, the number of platforms that are available now to push all the great music through is really helping the scene grow. I can only see it getting bigger over the next few years as well & I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Your hot spots in Manchester for music, nightlife, anything social?

“Find me in the Northern Quarter lol…nah seriously though, if I’m heading out into Manchester I’m heading for a specific event/concert/DJ if that makes sense? So if it’s a Origin MCR event then I’m at Off The Square, or if my good friend DJ Ronin is playing at Terrace then I’m at Terrace, but yeah wherever my people are performing/hosting, I’m there to support.”

What does life hold for you post-lockdown?

“I seriously can’t wait to just get back doing live shows again, I’ve missed it so much & I’ve got a full album worth of material that I haven’t had chance to perform any of yet. Aside from that, hopefully just keeping up the consistency of releasing music the way we have been over the past 2 years & growing further with the Manchester music scene.”

What can we expect from you moving forward?

“The ShoKane EP I spoke about earlier is pending any time soon, that’s a sick little six-track project just showcasing us both as lyricists. Then me & Turkish are already working hard on my next solo project, which is going to have a lot of collaborations with names people in the Manchester area should know well. Plus, I’m part of this sick collective of artists called ‘ANTI’ alongside D.Tail, Miss R. Lee etc. & we’re working on a bunch of music at the moment so yeah, a lot of new releases over the next year or so.”

Britizen Kane has kindly selected a 30-track playlist, showcasing some of Manchester’s finest rappers, producers & MC’s. This includes tracks from the likes of Just Banco, Meekz, Aitch & much more. You can listen to this on our Spotify here.

You can also get at BK’s newest single ‘League Of Our Own’ produced by Turkish Dycha, featuring Shogun & Local.

Welcome to the family, Britizen Kane. Go link up with our guy @BritizenKane.


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